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Selenium vs QTP(UFT)
Advantages of Selenium over UFT.

Selenium QTP
Selenium is open source and free and doesnot incur any charges or license UFT(Unified functional testing) is not open source and incurs charges for license.
Selenium supports development in various IDEs like eclipse, netbeans, Visual studios etc A seperate IDE is required for developing called QTP IDE
Selenium supports lot of programming languages like Java, Ruby,python and Javascript etc... UFT supports only visual basic script
Selenium supports object oriented programming languages UFT doesnt support OOPS

Disadvantages of Selenium over Manual Testing.

Selenium QTP
Scripts development require more time. Scripts time require less time.
No technical support team as it is open source. UFT offers Good technical support team
Selenium supports dialog box partially UFT supports all types of dialog box
No seperate test management tool UFT supports Test Management tool like HP Quality centre.
Selenium supports testing only Web applications UFT supports both Web and Desktop applications.
Selenium doesnt have build in repository UFT has built repository with HP ALM (Quality centre) support

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