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Selenium Grid is part of Selenium suite which is a server that allows running multiple tests across different browsers, operating system and machines in parallel.

There are two elements in Selenium Grid:

1) Hub: A physical Computer machine is called a hub where we can load of tests into it. It is a central point server which controls other network machines called nodes.

Selenium Grid consisits of only one Hub which is the master of the network.

Hub will identify the type of machine wanted and run the tests on that particular machine.

If there is no match hub will through an error

2) Node: Node is also a Test machine which performs tests after connecting to its hub.

There is one or more than one node per Hub.

A node is supported to have different platforms i-e different Os and differnet browsers.

There are two versions of Grid i-e Grid 1 and Grid 2:

In Grid 2, it is enclosed by server jar file

Grid 2 supports both Selenium RC and WebDriver scripts.

In Grid 2, there is no need to install apache ant.

In Grid 2, 5 browsers can be run in parllel.

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