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Selenium - Pre-requisites
As we are learning java based Selenium in this tutorial, the practitioner/learner should have basic knowledge of Java and sound knowledge on testing basics.

Knowledge of testng, ant, eclipse, listeners and browsers is an added advantage.

Basic things you need to know in Java:

1) Java Object Oriented Programming concepts

2) Java Program Structure and Syntax

3) Java Inheritance and Polymorphism

4) Java Abstraction and Encapsulation

5) Interface and static key word.

6) Classes and Object creation.

7) Java Variables and Operators

8) Java Conditional and Loop Statements

9) Strings,Arrays and Arraylist in Java

10) File Handling - Uploading file and downlading files

Check our website for java tutorial that is coming soon.

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Manual Testing - 1600/-           Selenium - 1600/-
           Jsp and Servlet -2000/-           Java training - 2000/-