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Manual vs Automation(Selenium)
Advantages of Selenium over Manual Testing.

Selenium Manual Testing
Selenium is useful when there are large number of test cases are present which needs repeated testing like regression testing Manual testing is good for small porjects althgough we can opt for Automation
Selenium is more accurate and efficient Manual testing is done by human so not so accurate and efficient
write once and run any number of times Needs to execute all test cases manualy every time
Less time consumption with parallel test case execution No Parallel test execution
Needs less manpower to execute test Based on the project size, more number of testers are required.
We get good result analysis and reports through TestNG integration with Selenium.Even better(user-friendly) reports through XSLT. Manual testers should record results, integrate and generate reports which is very much time consuming.

Disadvantages of Selenium over Manual Testing.

Selenium Manual Testing
Difficult and time consuming to write/program test cases for first time No need to program test cases
Selenium needs programming language developers to write test cases Manual testing doesnt need to learn programming
No support except for web applications Manual testing can be done in any software project and for any product or application
Difficult to setup testing environment No need of any special environent setup
All the features can not be tested with Selenium Manual testers can test almost any functionality

Possible interview questions:

1) Why Selenium is used instead of Manual testing?

2) What are the advantages of Selenium over Manual Testing?

3) What are the disadvantages of Selenium over Manual Testing?

4) Does Selenium has in-built reporting facility?If not which tools are used to achive the same?

5) Does selenium support testing other than web applicaitons?

6) what is used for regression/smoke/sanity testing - Selenium or Manual testing?

7) what is testing is more accurate - Selenium or Manual testing?

8) Is it possible to test all functionality with Selenium?

9) When there are 1000s of test cases are there, which one is used - Manual testing or Selenium?

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