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Suppose there are 1000 test cases and in that we want to perform some operation when one of the test cases passes or fails. Definitely, it's very hard to identify 1 test out of 1000 when it fails and perform some operation at execution time when it fails. So this has to be done while coding time only not when running or executing time. To help in this scenario we have Listeners - TestNG listeners.

a) Let see a sample code:
package mypacakage;
Public class Listener1 () extends TestListenerAdapter{

//There are several methods in TestListenerAdapter like onTestSuccess, onTestFailure, onTestSkipped, onTestStart and onTestStopped etc.

Public void onTestSuccess(iTestResult tr){
Public void onTestFailure(iTestResult tr){
In the above code, there are predefined methods like onTestSuccess or onTestFailure to perform some operations when test case is a success or failure.

Lets see how the code in testng.xml looks like for listeners:
<Suite name="ListenersSuite">
<listener class-name="Mypackage.Listener1">
<Test name="LoginFunctionality">
<class name=>

We just need to add listeners tag and specify the listeners class name.Here in our case listener class is Listener1 with the package name mypackage.

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