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Suppose there is a situation where we need to execute basic tests only or suppose we need to execute functional tests only or we need to test only regression tests only (where Basic,Functional and Regression are three groups) or you want execute only few tests under one group, then testNG grouping comes into picture. We have a provision to set a test under one or more groups:
public class groupDemo(){
@Test (groups= {"basic", "functional" })
public void login(){
system.out.println("inside login");

@Test (groups= { "functional" })
public void payment (){
system.out.println("inside payment");

Now inside testng.xml you can mention which groups need to be executed or run as follows:

<Test name="TestA">
<include ="functional">
<class name="GroupDemo">

In the above case both login and payment test cases are executed. In case above if we set include only to "basic" then only one test method (login) will be executed.
b) There is another way we need to learn in testng.xml. That is to define groups inside another group. The code looks like this:

<Suite name="SuiteA"></Suite>
<Test name="TestA">
<define name="all">
<include name="basic">
<include name="functional">
<include name="all">
In the above testng.xml example all(basic and functional) groups tests will be executed. In the above example if insated of <include name="basic"> , if we write <exclude name="basic">, then all the basic functionality will not get executed.

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