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Eclipse - Choose and Download
Eclipse is available for different platforms like java, J2ee etc...for different operating systems like Windows, Linux etc... a) Open your browser. b) Go to "google.com" c) Type "eclipse download for 32 bit" and click on Search. If your system is of 64 type "eclipse download for 64 bit" and click search.

d) Select the top most link. The following page will be displayed.

a) Click on the link in Download links what-ever is applicable based on your system. Once you click on the link the download will automatically start. A zip file will get downloaded.

b) Extract all in any folder in any drive in your computer.

c) Inside the extracted files you will find a file named eclipse of application type as follows

d) You need not install anything extra. Just click on the eclipse application and your eclipse will start. You will be prompted to enter a workspace name enter anything you can remember like AnandaWS1 and then move on. After that you will eclipse application will open follows.

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