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Selenium - Chropath
In case of unable to find the locator or difficulty in finding a locator, install "chropath" addon in chrome browser or Mozilla firefox.

To know how to install "chropath" in these browsers, search in google and it will guide you. In case of any difficulty shoot a mail to anandamay10@gmail.com

While adding chropath in chrome, you should open the add-on in chrome browser only.

Similarly for Firefox browser, you need to be in Firefox while installing the "chropath" add-on.

After installing chropath, if you need locator details follow the steps.

a) Go to google.com

b) After the page get loaded, right click on the page and select Inspect Element (Q), then you will get inspector frame below.

If you have successfully installed, you will see a chropath tab at the end of inspector frame. If you can't find drag to the of the frame and then you will see the tab/link.

a) Now if you select "Google Search", corresponding locator/s will be displayed in chropath. Use one of them as locator.

That's how we find the element locators for an element.

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