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About Selenium - Definition
1. Selenium is a Software Testing suite that consists of frameworks and tools ussed for software automation of testing applications by writing/recording test cases and execute the the written test cases and finally get the results or reports of the test cases execution without manual execution of test cases.

2. Selenium is chosen when there are huge no of test cases in the project that needs repeated execution of the test cases.

3. Usually Framework contains an API(Application Programming Interface) that exposes classes and methods through which we can develop/maintain applications by adding the framework functionality. For example Selenium WebDriver. To automate an application testing, we integrate/use/add WebDriver jar files and create testing applications/programs.

4. A tool or Software tool is a software that can be used to build/ develop/ maintain/execute/run software applications.
Possible interview questions:

1) Define Selenium?

2) What is Selenium?

3) What is framework?

4) What is tool?

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